Tales of the wind

13:15–13:45: Ensemble stage

Tales of the wind is the flute ensemble of Mariana Preda (panflute) and Juho Myllylä (recorder)! They share the passion to continuously delve into the possibilities to combine their instrument families in various music styles since the beginning of their collaboration during their studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In their colourful and captivating concert programmes, contemporary soundscapes connect seemless to older and traditional music. At Klassiek op de Campus they play there programme Tales of the Winds.

BaroQue ensemble

14:25–14:40: Ensemble stage

This ensemble is full of students love baroque music. They will perform Bach’s 4th Brandenbourg concerto at Klassiek op de Campus. This concerto was written for the margrave of Brandenburg as a solicitation. The concerto concists of 3 movements; allegro, andante and presto. BaroQue will play the first two movements of the concerto!

Vocal ensemble Vokoladies

14:40–14:50: Ensemble stage

The Vokoladies is a vocal ensemble with members from ESMG Quadrivium. At Klassiek op de Campus, they will be performing Butterfly by Mia Makaroff, Swansongs by Bob Chilcott and The Birds’ Lullaby by Sarah Quartel.

Brabant on Stage talents

15:35–15:45 and 16:15–16:25: Ensemble stage

During the “Brabant on Stage” concours, organised by the “Brabantse Bond Van Muziekverenigingen”, two talents received the Klassiek op de Campus Award: trumpet player Sytse Thijssen and flute player Els Verhoeven!

Woodwind quintet Hok2

16:25–16:40: Ensemble stage

Hok2 is the only woodwind quintet of ESMG Quadrivium. The ensemble consists of 5 different wind instruments: flute, oboe, French horn, bassoon and clarinet. There are many possiblities with this classical quintet and thus they will play a mixture of quintet music and arrangements of other (popular) music.

Vocal ensemble Qhords

17:20–17:25: Ensemble stage

Vocal ensemble the Qhords+! What started out as a whimsical experiment to see what close harmony would sound like between two men and two women, has now grown to an ensemble that broadens horizons beyond close harmony.
The ensemble is named after the singers of Sh Boom: The Chords, but with Quadrivium’s trademark Q. At Klassiek op de Campus, they will perform the Ronja Röverdotter medley. This is a captivating musical arrangement inspired by the Swedish tale “Ronja Röverdotter”. To make this piece come to life, other members have joined the Qhords, resulting in the name Qhords+!

Bassoon ensemble La Follia

17:30–18:00: Ensemble stage

The bassoon ensemble La Follia comes from Arnhem and performs at a wide range of concerts. At Klassiek op de Campus, they will perform a short version of Mozart’s Zauberflöte, the Bohemian Rhapsody and Walking the Dog from Gershwin
The ensemble, led by Hans Vos, exists of six identical bassoons, each with its own unique sound. Their name La Follia in musical terms indicates a “simple repeating theme” but in Italian it means “The Fool”. As diverse as the meaning of their name, is also the music they play. La Follia brings together music from the classical world to pop and opera!